How old do you have to be for a rental car in St.Paul, MN?

Hitting the road and exploring the city of St.Paul, Minnesota, could be the best thing, but the main thing arises whether you have your own car or rented one. Before all this, you must figure out how old you must be to rent a car in St. Paul, Minnesota. Buckle up; this blog is about finding the right age to rent a car and exploring more terms and conditions so you can roam freely in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Age to Rent a Car in Minnesota

In St. Paul and other states of the US, the legal driving age is also 16. Yet when it comes to car rentals, the plot gets another twist. Rental companies focus on safety and comfort, so specific age instructions exist. As a rule of Minnesota car rental age, you should be more than 21 years old. This age limit changes with different rental agencies like Enterprise, Hertz, Avis, and Budget.

What’s the cost of a Young Drivers’ Licence?

Young Driver’s Fee” is another term for the under-age driver fee, an additional fee added by many car rental companies when a car is rented to a driver under a certain age, usually 25.


This fee is meant to control the increased risk that is taken as a safety or any damage that could be caused by younger and less experienced drivers. This fee can be as low as 10$ or as high as 20$ and may also depend on the rental company and the location.

Exceptions and Ways to Avoid Young Driver Fees

There are some exceptions to these fees. AAA members can often avoid young driver surcharges, as can young government and military employees aged 18 to 25, although this typically applies to official business trips. USAA members, including active and former military personnel, spouses, and children, may also be exempt from these fees.

International Drivers in Minnesota: IDP Requirements

For international drivers in St. Paul, Minnesota, an International Driving Permit (IDP) isn’t required as long as they are at least 18 years old and possess a valid driver’s license from their home country that covers the vehicle type they are driving.

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However, some rental companies may still request an IDP, so it is wise to confirm requirements before booking.

Requirements to rent a Car in Minnesota

Requirements to rent a car in Minnesota, consider purchasing additional coverage beyond basic protection, as rental cars in the US often lack comprehensive coverage. Check with your credit card company, as some offer rental car insurance benefits. However, purchasing coverage online before your trip is typically cheaper than adding it at the rental counter.

Watch Out for Extra Fees and Considerations

Watch out for extra fees that can inflate your rental bill, such as airport pick-up and drop-off charges and premium location surcharges. Also, be mindful of high fuel prices in St. Paul, Minnesota, which can significantly impact your expenses, especially during long road trips.

Beware of Fees

Stay vigilant of additional fees lurking around the corner. Our comprehensive list covers nearly 20 common extra fees that could swiftly inflate your rental bill. Check them out here to stay informed.

Airport Pick-Up and Drop-Off

While picking up your rental car directly at the airport terminal is undeniably convenient, it often comes with an extra “premium location surcharge.” To keep your rental costs down, consider selecting a different pick-up location.

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Fuel Price Considerations

Lastly, keep in mind that Minnesota boasts some of the highest gas prices in the nation. While still lower than those in Europe, fuel costs in Cali surpass the national average by over a dollar. When mapping out a lengthy cross-country road trip, factor in these elevated prices for a smoother journey.

Insurance Options

While basic insurance coverage is typically included with your rental, it’s essential to understand the extent of coverage and consider purchasing additional insurance for peace of mind. This additional coverage may protect you from liability, damage to the rental vehicle, or medical expenses in an accident.

Deposit Requirements

Rental companies often require a deposit when you pick up the car. This deposit is typically refunded when you return the vehicle undamaged, but it’s important to inquire about the deposit amount and the method of refund.

Vehicle Inspection

Before driving off with the rental car, thoroughly inspect the vehicle for any existing damage or issues. Take note of any scratches, dents, or mechanical issues and inform the rental company to avoid being held responsible for pre-existing damage upon returning the car.

Ready to Book Your Adventure

Now that you know age requirements, rental tips, and potential fees, you can book your adventure and explore St. Paul, Minnesota or wherever your travels take you!

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