How long can you keep a rental car before they report it was stolen?

Renting a car is a pretty good option when you don’t have your own vehicle. The main question arises how long can you keep a rental car before they report it was stolen? Before renting any car make sure to read about the rental car agreements and set a duration of renting. To know more about this problem and to avoid any worst circumstances you should definitely read this blog to get some idea about renting cars. 

Car Rental Agreements

The agreement you sign with a car rental company explains your rental period which limits the time you can have the vehicle. The duration of this period tends to differ depending on the organization and can last from a few hours to several weeks. The main things to keep in mind is that you should read the car agreements and their policies and read about the fines of returning a car late. 

Car rental agreement

It is important to notify the rental car agency of your inability to return the vehicle by the specified return date. Many rental car agencies will delay your rental duration if you contact them in advance and agree to pay for the additional time. Theft of the vehicle can lead to arrest and various legal consequences. Your rental agreement is the best source of information specific to your situation.

When does the reporting of stolen cars start?

The car rental companies usually give you the time after the registered return time—often a day—to return the car before they take any action. If the car is not returned timely and no communication is made from the renter after the specified period, the company may consider the vehicle stolen and report it as such. Legal processes are unavoidable as the process of communicating with the authorities may lead to severe legal charges against the rentals.

What are the legal actions for overdue rentals?

Not returning a rental car as scheduled could result in serious penalties. At the start, the rental company will impose late fees. These can grow high at a fast pace. The car may be declared or reported as stolen, which can result in the renter facing criminal charges such as theft or unlawful driving. 

Preventive Measures for Renters

To avoid the complications associated with an overdue rental car, renters should:

  • They should be careful to rent out the room for long enough.
  • For delays in returning the car, be sure to contact the rental company in advance.
  • Despite the good condition of the car, it is important to be aware of the legal implications of not returning it on time.

Results of the Vehicle Theft Report

When a rental vehicle is reported as stolen, the problems that will be faced by the renter are not only those that are legal rather they affect the renter in other ways. In this situation, the rental companies will be facing financial losses and administrative burdens which can lead to raised rental fees and more rigid rental contracts for all customers.

Stolen Car

Differences in Company Policies

Rental companies have different policies with different time limits for returning rental cars. The one will file a car theft complaint by the rental period ending in 24 hours, and the other could live longer than that. It is advisable to study this agreement closely and understand it to avoid any arguments.

Who can pay when a rental car gets stolen? 

We discussed whose safety would be most threatened in such a situation. Who stands to lose more after their capture: the criminal, the rental company, or the tenant? They were offered rental car insurance; but, would they require it? 

Every time a rental or contract is issued, the renter is essentially signing for that vehicle. Without auto insurance, Enterprise would not be able to defend the renter, and the renter would be held responsible.

When contacting the rental company, be sure to provide all the necessary facts, including the number of the police report. When you record the representative’s conversation, make sure to write down their name, title, and call reference number. You won’t want to miss this step when dealing with insurance claims and any investigations.


Failing to notify the car rental company about expanding the time for renting the car without arranging anything before might result in severe legal and financial circumstances. To avoid these kinds of issues, tenants should be extremely strict with the rental agreement terms and keep a constant contact with the rental company. It is important to know about the car rental agreements so that in case you make the rental period longer than the due time you can avoid any theft charges. To find more about rental agreements or to find answers to your queries keep reading more.

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